Cherry Tries to Lose it all
Hello, My name's Anonymous, but you can call me Cherry.
Binge free days: 0

Nurses need to be be more careful about what they say.

A) I wasn’t even weighed in April

B) When I did last give you my weight, early 2011, I had an eating disorder.

So telling me I’ve put on X amount of weight in only 6 months is not only completely incorrect, but also incredibly triggering.

Especially when I only went in to get a prescription for my pill.

So thanks for that.


Feeling numb today,

Having a mental break-down.

Binge, Purge, Cut some more.

Sometimes I prefer to write haiku about how I feel because they’re short, and to the point.

Oh god. That point after you purge really hard where everything goes dizzy, and your heart beats really hard, and your head just doesn’t feel right, and you feel like you’re spinning out of control, and losing control of all body parts.

And my wrist hurts really bad.

I’m such a disaster right now.

I actually just puked half way through my workout, and had to do the rest smelling gross.

I don’t even think I can comprehend the amount I binged yesterday.

It was like, legit gaining 1lb of fat from one day, binge.


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