Cherry Tries to Lose it all
Hello, My name's Anonymous, but you can call me Cherry.
Binge free days: 0

So I went to a recruitment thing at one of the local clubs, and actually made a friend!!

Also, when we were walking back, we ran in to two of the guys who were doing the recruitment, and chatted for a while, so fingers crossed I get the job!!

Okay, so I think I should be honest here, because really, where else can I be?

I’ve been really proud with all the exercise, and NSVs, but the fact of the matter is, I’m slipping.

You can see on my page I have ‘Binge free days.’ The truth is, aside from the times where it goes back to zero, I haven’t been eating.

When I was at my lowest weight, and before I was Bulimic, I was resticting and starving a lot.

And for the last few weeks, that’s exactly what’s been going on. I know I have to eat healthy in order for this to be sustainable, and every day I have a fight with myself. I come in and think to get something to eat, but then there’s a part of me that says no. You really don’t need it. You can carry on without. And that’s the part I’ve been listening to.

It was far too easy to slip back in to restricting again, and now this just adds to the things I have to work on.

Just had to let that out somewhere.

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